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Limited bicycle rack space is available. There is NO CHARGE for bicycle parking, but all bicycles must be registered. Complete the form below and submit. Once approved, you will receive bicycle parking instructions and a sticker to place on the bike. We strongly recommend that you always secure your bicycle to the rack with a heavy duty bike lock.

*Bicycle Policy: Bicycles parked on the property and found to be unregistered with no valid sticker are subject to fines and/or removal from property at the owner’s expense.

Motor Vehicles (Cars – Mopeds & Scooters – Motorcycles):

Limited on-site reserved parking is available on property for a fee. Parking is $100 per month for a car stall and $35 per month for a moped/scooter/motorcycle parking spot. If a resident owns two means of transportation and both vehicles can fit into a single parking stall, then Tandem Parking will be permitted. For Tandem Parking to be allowed, both means of transportation MUST be registered to the same owner and must fit into one parking stall without blocking any driveways or sidewalks. We strongly recommend you always secure your mopeds/scooters with a heavy duty lock.

Registration is required for any car/moped/scooter/motorcycle parked on the property. Please complete the registration form below. Once approved, you will receive parking instruction and a sticker to place on your car/moped/scooter/motorcycle. Residents will receive a parking garage access.

*Parking Policy: Mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, and cars that are found to be unregistered or parked improperly are subject to fines and/or tow/removal from the property at the owner’s expense. Residents may not rent out or share their parking stall or any portion of their parking stall with another resident. Waikiki Vista is not liable for theft or damage. Please secure your vehicles. 

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No Availability  until Summer 2023
No Availability  until Summer 2023